Reach The Culture For Jesus With Christian T-Shirts

We are now living in a modern culture wherein sayings and slogans can be seen, heard, and found pretty much everywhere you look and everywhere you go. And there is no doubt that t-shirts are among the biggest and most effective marketing tools that have ever been invented in modern history. Having said that, there is simply no reason why Christians shouldn’t be a part of such an in demand marketing trend. This is where Etsy Christian apparel comes in to play.

After all, the world has opened up to the influence of non-traditional marketing. Follower of Christ are commanded by Jesus to take and spread the Gospel to the endsof the earth. Whether you call it evangelizing, witnessing or simply sharing your testimony. At the end of the day, it is for all intents and purposes a form of marketing. Albeit, it’s marketing the great message ever known to man.

It’s a message the whole world desperately needs to hear. Thanks to the t-shirts, which can now be found everywhere carrying all kinds of messages, this is a great opportunity for lifestyle evangelism. You might be astounded with the diversity of shirts that are imprinted with messages and images related to Christian beliefs, not to mention the sheer creativity of their designs. Stylish looks, trendy designs, and bold colors are very easy to find and all you need to do is visit and browse through a reliable Christian online store like Christian T-shirts for evangelism or your local Christian clothing shop.

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Do you recall in the Book of Acts when Paul visited Athens? Paul was in tune with the culture of his time. He had an in depth understanding of those he was seeking to convert for Christ. Even though he was technically not a part of their world, he was in it and even used references to that time’s cultural styles to bring salvation and the message of Jesus Christ.

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This is pretty much the same today. There are already lots of Christian shirts on sites like amazon these days with Bible verses printed on them. There are also parodies of the famous cultural icons, TV shows, as well as popular advertising slogans. For example, you can find a trendy shirt with the message Jesus Rules, or another one that says how Jesus died for one’s space in heaven.

There are also hip Christian T-shirts specifically geared towards bikers. These t-shirts with their elaborate designs and decorations usually depicting Christ on the cross. There are also some camo shirts which appeal to sportsmen, hunters and the military. Right now, Christian themed t-shirts for guys are available in all types of colors and styles, so there is no limitation when it comes to options.

Recently, there was a popular survey that found the average Christian shirt was read as many as 3,000 times before being discarded. These figures are pretty astounding. Few Christians get the opportunity to directly share the Gospel with that many people during their lifetime. So, you can see the power and impact of faith based apparel.